Promoting British Values


At Meadowbank we aim to promote positive British values throughout all aspects of school life

The key values are

We firmly believe that the values are reflected in the all aspects of school life,

They are also taught through SMSC which includes PSHE, SUMO, R.E as well as through other areas of the curriculum


The Values

Promoting Democracy


School Council – Every two years the children vote for who they would like to be their class school council representatives. Visit our school council page to find out more about what we do.

Curriculum – In literacy and IPC the children are given the opportunity to learn about democracy, take part in debates and balanced arguments and persuasive writing.

ClassroomVoting happens in every classroom and key stage. This starts at the beginning of the year when the class are deciding on their classroom rules.

year 4 classroom rules


Behaviour - The children at Meadowbank are involved in all aspects of school life. They vote for rewards linked to the smiley face system that we use in school.

New TeamsKey stage two children decided they wanted to update the house names for their teams. This involved class discussions about what the new names could be. A debate across the key stage discussing which names they thought would be the most effective. Finally all of the children took a vote. The winning names of the house teams are St David, St Andrew, St Patrick and St George. 

voting house names voting house names 5 voting house names 3
 voting house names 2  voting house names 4  


Rule of Law

Children are given regular opportunities to understand right and wrong, laws and why we have rules.

Taking responsibility – children take responsibility for their behaviour and for setting a good example. Class helpers, play leaders and monitors are all good role models helping children to follow rules and routines at all times of the day.

Smiley Time – Every Friday children who have kept their face smiling all week receive smiley time. They have to follow school and classroom rules including being respectful, working hard and having good behaviour. Smiley time can involve a treat, extra playtime or a DVD.

Year 3 smiley chart

Turn / Remove your face – All of the children know the school rules and what behaviour is expected from them. If they don’t follow the rules there know there are consequences for their behaviour. Any member of staff, at any time of the school day can ask a child to turn or remove their face if they don’t follow the school rules.

Visitors – We have visitors from different authorities like the police, fire service and life boat organisation. They help to reinforce the message about why we need to follow rules and why we have them.

Suzie and Alfie – Our school puppets are used regularly in role play situations. Suzie often breaks the rules but Alfie is there as a supportive friend to show her what she should do and why following rules is important in keeping us safe.

Suzie and Alfie behaviour puppets

Keeping safe - Children are spoken to regularly about keeping safe online, following internet and social media rules. 


Individual Liberty – freedom of choice

Making choices – At Meadowbank we create a safe and supportive environment which encourages the children to experience new things and have their own beliefs and ideas.

SUMO / PSHE – The SUMO and PSHE curriculum encourages children to think for themselves, form their own identity and opinions. The principles of SUMO actively promote the children being individual and making choices for themselves. Circle time is another way in which this is developed with the children being able to express their opinions in a safe way.

View box – School Council have a views and suggestion box where children are encouraged to put their ideas about how they want to change the school, what they think would make the school better and what they don’t think is working particularly well in school. School Council take all ideas and suggestions seriously and respectfully respond to each child.

School council looking at childrens views and suggestions

Continuous provision - In Early Years the children make choices about which activities they wish to take part in, expressing their right to choose and take control of their own learning.

Early years making choices in their learning 1 Early years making choices in their learning 2 Early years making choices in their learning 3

Curriculum – IPC is extremely child driven. The children choose which topics they are going to learn about and during the introduction to the topic they express their views on what they want to learn. 


Mutual Respect

Mentoring – Termly mentoring meetings with children from Y1 –Y6 involve all members of staff. The purpose of these meetings is to celebrate children’s strengths and achievements whatever they might be.

SUMO / PSHE – Our PSHE curriculum gives lots of opportunity to promote mutual respect. In Reception they have a special circle time where they celebrate each other with a ‘What have we done today to make us feel proud’ circle time. The SUMO principles also promote mutual respect and look at how it is okay to be different and how we should listen to and support each other.

Reward Assembly – Every half term the whole school celebrates our smiley achievements. We celebrate which children have received their bronze, silver and gold awards. All of the children receive a certificate and medal and are applauded by the rest of the school. Parents are invited to this special assembly to watch this special celebration.

GoldAward0 GoldAward1 GoldAward2

Talking partners  - Using talking partners encourages the children to listen to each other and talk to different people in their class. Working together using group roles and talking partners helps the children to respect each other’s strengths and differences.

Supporting each other - Mutual respect is a very big part of Meadowbank. Staff and children support each other and accept it is okay to be different. We are an inclusive school and follow our motto that ‘Together we are better’.


Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

Behaviour system - every child is treated exactly the same by peers and staff.  They all follow the school and classroom rules and understand how good behaviour to each other is rewarded and what behaviour is not acceptable.

R.E. – a broad, balanced and well-resourced R.E. curriculum allows the children to learn about different faiths and beliefs.

We celebrated World Religion Day where each class learnt about a different faith. They then presented what they had learnt in a whole school assembly.

World religion day christianity reception world religion day Hinduism Y1 world religion day Sikhism Y2
world religion day Judaism Y3 world religion day Buddism Y4 world religion day Islam Y5
  world religion day Other faiths Y6  

Curriculum – In our creative IPC curriculum the children cover topics ‘All About Me’ and ‘Celebrations’ allowing them to learn and accept each other and different faiths and beliefs.

Charity support   - School council drive many charitable initiatives through school. Encouraging the children to think about the wider world and how they can support them.

SUMO – The principle ‘Remember the Beachball’ is about understanding others, valuing differences and looking at different perspectives.  We had a parent enrichment day to help parents understand this very important principle. 



Celebrating Britain

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St Andrews Day St David's Day
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