Reception Class

Welcome to Reception. My name is Miss Gregory and I am the Reception Class teacher. In Reception we are also very lucky to have Mrs Butterworth and Mrs Jeffries supporting us. In our class the children will experience 7 different areas of learning as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

What we are learning in Reception this term?

How can parents help at home?

Every day in reception class we have letters and sounds time. Letters and sounds is very important, in these sessions the children learn how to sound out words, recognise and write their sounds so that they can begin to write independantly. Also reading every night at home with your child is a great way to practice their letters and sounds skill.

Remember to keep practising your letters and sounds skills using the following website:

Reading Books
All children will read each week with Miss Gregory in guided reading sessions. The children will also be given a library book to take home which they can change weekly with their parent on Monday mornings. When the children have made progress they will be given reading books targeted at their level for them to read each evening. The children will gain stickers and a class reward if they read every day at home.

Every child in reception will be given a planner. These planners will be checked daily therefore please feel free to add any messages or comments about your child and we will respond either by writing back or speaking to you.

In reception we have P.E twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday. All children will need a P.E kit which should include a pair of shorts, t-shirt and pumps. Please ensure these are labelled with your child's name.

Playtime/dinnertime information
The children will be given toast and milk in the morning and will have fruit in the afternoon. The children will have access to fresh drinking water from the water fountain at all times. The children have a large playing area at dinner times which they can explore and develop their physical and social skills.

Seasonal Information
In Reception class we spend a lot of time learning outdoors; because of this it is important that the children have appropriare outdoor clothing for the Autumn and Winter months. Please also ensure that your children's clothes are labelled clearly with their names. In the summer months we will provide your child with a sun hat whilst outside and will happily assist your child to apply sun cream.

Documents and Downloads

Below are files related to Reception which parents can view or download.

 Parents guide to EYFS

Phonic leaflet for parents


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